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About this site...

Corbis Internet is currently producing a new web site for our web design/services business. Sadly the intended relaunch was delayed by the events below...

Update: 01 Jan 2007

Domain dispute...

Regretfully, a rather spurious claim has been submitted to the WIPO alleging we had registered this domain (back in 1999) for some evil intent. Aside from the fact that everyone we know thinks this is highly amusing, it is never the less quite a serious accusation.

Meanwhile, we're taking legal advice and are completely confident of a successful outcome. Until such time it would be inappropriate to comment further.

Update: 26 March 2007

Domain dispute...

We WON... Corbis Internet is victorious!

Its been a truly awful 3 months and while the result is what we always expected it to be, I'm not celebrating just yet. I'm frankly still a little angry - but rest assured, it will pass.

In time I hope to write about this experience - its quite a tale I promise you. Perhaps it will be something that will inspire others in a similar situation? While I do still believe the Mega Corps should be able to protect themselves against cyber squatters etc, they should also be mindful that their actions to protect their empires cause real harm to the innocent. Strong words yes... but entirely appropriate considering the huge resources waged against an individual that posed no real threat to the other party.

And how terribly sad it is that this particular domain dispute has become a huge world-wide news item simply because the result is so highly unusual. Lets hope this small shock to the status quo is just the beginning and in future results like this are a little more common.

Update: 28 March 2007

Domain dispute...

I've been overwhelmed by the huge response from the internet community regarding the successful outcome to the dispute. I'm deeply touched and humbled by the great many people who have sent congratulatory messages. It is very much appreciated folks... thank you to each and everyone of you.

John Pickworth

Update: 2 May 2007

Domain dispute...

Last words on this subject. Future comment will be conducted over at



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